SIGTURK is the ACL Special Interest Group on Turkic Languages. It is a place of discussion and implementation for all enthusiasts, including students, researchers, academics, industry professionals, and hobbyists, interested in studying the computational and linguistic aspects of Turkic languages and making more publicly available knowledge, methodology and resources for contributing to the field of computational linguistics in Turkic languages.


Diverse and Inclusive

SIGTURK is a safe place for all demographics from all backgrounds and identities to contribute their enthusiasm to the study of Turkic languages in their own unique way.


SIGTURK follows a model of an open-source and open-contribution research where members can learn, develop and apply cutting-edge methods to the development of computational linguistics in Turkic languages.


SIGTURK aims to prosper a research community and more collaborations among its members for the most productive research outcomes by organizing international workshops and social gatherings.


We welcome everyone to take initiative to contribute to the different directions in our community as well as propose new areas of activities that will benefit our objectives in different ways.